Precision mechanical

since 1986

About us

For over 30 years we have been working in the field of precision mechanics, turning and milling on parts intended for the world of valves.

Officine C.M. s.r.l. was born in 1986.

Officine C.M. develops its business within a 1700 m2 production site located in Dubino, in the Province of Sondrio.

Over the years, Officine C.M. has dealt with market developments with a growth towards technological modernization which has led the company to achieve a constantly evolving production and quality capacity.

Our services

The production of our company is mainly focused on the following macro areas:


Details for valves, ball caps and internal parts from 6 ″ to 52 ″.

Molding machines

We manufacture mold-carrying slides, columns, crosspieces for sheet metal deformation machines with a working range of 6000mm x 2500mm, with a capacity of 150q on a translating rotary table.

Products and processes

We manufacture spare parts for rolling mills, plastic molding machines or special design processes.

We perform precision mechanical machining such as turning, milling and boring.


Over the years, we have updated our machinery with increasingly advanced technologies

CNC moving column boring machine with translating rotary table 2 Stolle plates and 4 angle plates. Working range X6000 Y2500 Z1200 W1500 B360000 continuous positions.

No.5 CNC turning centers with slant bed, working range from ø450mm to ø1000mm for length from 1200mm to 2000mm.

No.3 CNC horizontal machining centers, with 2 pallets ø800mm and ø1250mm with capacity from 15q to 50q.

No. 1 CNC machining center with fixed gantry and moving table, working range X3000 Y2000 Z1200 with 70q capacity.

No. 6 CNC vertical lathes respectively with ø800mm ø1250mm ø1450mm ø1600mm ø1800mm and ø2200mm tables with maximum working range ø2700mm for 2000mm height.

No. 1 CNC parallel lathe, 1000mm cutter height for 2500mm length. Maximum turning diameter 40 ″.

No. 1 CNC parallel lathe, 1000mm cutter height for 2500mm length. Maximum turning diameter 40 ″.

Certified control and measurement equipment.


We are able to satisfy all customer needs with particular regard to the precision, execution and finishing of the requested product.


Our quality control


We provide a complete assistance and control service at the end of the finished product manufacturing process.

We offer customized solutions and we manufacture the products that best meet our customers’ expectations thanks to the use of appropriate tools.

We also offer punctual delivery of goods.

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